Ibisba - it


The First Italian Multidisciplinary Partnership on Industrial Biotechnology

On the 24th of July 2019, the Presidents of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), five public Universities, and the Insubria Foundation for Life Sciences signed a formal agreement founding a Joint Research Unit (JRU) named IBISBA-IT.

A JRU is an instrument recognised by the programme framework of the European research.

The First Italian Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology

The First Italian Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology

IBISBA-IT is the Italian node of the European Research Infrastructure IBISBA in which it occupies a well-defined position within four specific areas: Synthetic Biology, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Bioenergy, and Functional Food.

In these areas, IBISBA-IT has the specific mission of developing new molecules and processes through enzyme/protein discovery and engineering, and development of new biotransformations and bioprocesses. These goals will be addressed through modern and holistic approaches including ‘omics’ sciences, bioinformatics, molecular engineering, and bioreactor technologies.

IBISBA-IT contributes to IBISBA's activities by strengthening Italian scientific research in the field of industrial biotechnology, providing support to national and local governments and promoting training activities.

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